Integration with your existing autosteer system is critical when looking for a new self-propelled sprayer.

Our machines are tested with every major brand to ensure that your existing system works seamlessly with your new sprayer. HARDI supports all major types of steering packages: Topcon, John Deere, Trimble and Ag Leader. Your HARDI self-propelled sprayer integrates with all options, be it John Deere correction, Omnistar subscription, on base on-site RTK solutions, etc.

Controller Independent

Why learn a new system when you can stick to a brand you know and trust?

HARDI will steer with you

We understand that integration with your existing autosteer system is critical.


HARDI booms are lighter, wider and stronger, standing up to all challenges.

Hydrostatic Technology

Hydrostatic technology – fast response, speed control and higher power density.

Local Service & Support

Our sprayers are distributed, supported and serviced throughout all of Australia


HARDI sprayers make use of the best spray technologies available.