H-SELECT uses split-second nozzle selections to maintain your set dosage rate and droplet size, regardless of speed variations across the boom.

Exclusive to HARDI RUBICON 6500 and 9000, H-SELECT technology brings cutting-edge turn compensation to our widest spray booms. Because spray delivery is directly related to how fast the nozzles pass the crop, every speed change affects the dosage. Whenever a 48.5 metre boom is turned, for example, the inner nozzles can slow by half while those on the outer radius accelerate 150%.* To manage these variations, H-SELECT automatically selects from up to four nozzles on each spray body to maintain an optimum total aperture – and therefore the desired dosage set point – right along the boom. It takes this four-nozzle approach to meet the full range of flow rates needed for turning wide booms, and the deliver the improved dosage accuracy required to optimise chemical usage.
Unlike pressure-based turn compensation, rapid nozzle switching doesn’t compromise droplet size, drift control or deposition. Droplet size can even be changed on the go, using the in-cab run-screen. With no pressure loss to worry about, there’s no practical limit to the boom length H-SELECT can control either – making it perfect for broadacre farmers looking to maximise RUBICON’s productivity.

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