Affordable, agile HARDI HELLIOS is ready for Australia

It’s been something of a wait for Aussie farmers, but HARDI Australia assures local growers their new lightweight HELLIOS self-propelled sprayer is worth it.

The 3,000 litre HELLIOS has been a favourite of European vegetable growers for over a year, proving itself a stellar performer on difficult terrain, soft soils and tight headlands.

HARDI Australia’s CEO, Bill Franklin, says the local business has taken the time to tailor the popular machine to Australian conditions.

“We are always aware that Australia’s spraying needs are unique,” he said. “That’s why we manufacture here.”

A big advantage of HELLIOS is its front-mounted aluminium boom, available in 24 to 36 metre widths, which gives operators a panoramic forward view of their spray application from the high and comfortably furnished Category 4 cab. Mr Franklin points out that HARDI Australia’s unique know-how in setting up aluminium booms gives HELLIOS even better performance on Aussie fields.

“We’ve been working with aluminium booms for many years,” he explains. “Our Australian team have unmatched expertise in integrating aluminium wings with our advanced boom centres to give the best ride, height control and durability.” “And HARDI’s unique AutoHeight technology means there’s virtually zero chance of a ground strike when operating HELLIOS over uneven ground.”

Difficult terrain is something of a specialty for HELLIOS. By using a sophisticated hydromechanical drive system, the sprayer optimises the power and torque output of its 140HP Deutz diesel engine. This enables superior performance from a lighter and more economical power plant, saving weight and fuel.

The wheels themselves can be set at a fixed width of 3 m, 2 m, or the 1.8 m track that is commonly used by Australian growers. Four wheel steering is also offered as an option, giving HELLIOS superb manoeuvrability in the tight headlands that help farmers maximise their land’s productivity.

Another unique HARDI technology on HELLIOS is the ActivAir nozzle control system that maintains pressure in the fluid system for instantly accurate spray rates as soon as nozzle sections are activated. Other features include a 35 litre graduated induction hopper, multi-layer airbag suspension, and a sophisticated Matrix Pro GS 840 controller.

In adding HELLIOS to its range, HARDI Australia has taken a popular European crop sprayer and made it a practical, affordable option for Australian growers. From its factory in Adelaide, HARDI can further configure each HELLIOS to suit individual customer requirements.

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Wow! Looks exciting, just what i`ve been looking for, something light, compact, manoverable and dose it come with air assit on the boom? One other thing is can the wheel centres be widened to 3400mm?
Written on Mon, 10 Sep 2018 09:26:13 by Darren Schreurs

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